Saturday, December 27, 2014

Har boondh me sachchayi...

Just yesterday when we bought a bottle of kinley mineral water, my niece asked me if I have seen the new advertisement and I said yes.. but for some reason I always got to watch only half of the advertisement and hence, my niece told me the story behind. I instantly liked the whole idea and watched the video on youtube. After few hours I get an email about the new contest and what are the chances it is conducted by kinley!!!!

Before moving further you must take a look at the new kinley mineral water advertisement :

My husband following the footsteps of Dr.House often tells me that everybody lies and I do agree but as a responsible adult I prefer not to. I try my maximum to tell the truth and lie only to protect somebody's emotions. Funny part is I was never like this in the past. I used to lie so frequently that there were days when I believed the lies were infact true.
 However, I have grown from those experiences which has made me a better person today.

My best kept lies :

1. During my 11th standard I had lost my gold bracelet during sports event. It was expensive and my dad, knowing how irresponsible I was, warned me not to wear it. Like always I did not pay heed to his advice and like he predicted, I lost it. Then I was really scared to inform my dad imagining all the scoldings, beatings and added sarcastic comments with a bonus of "I told you so". And I never told him until one day, when he saw my barren wrist and asked me about the bracelet. I had a PhD in lying so I told him listening to his wise advice I had kept it safely in my cupboard. Years rolled by and he never saw the bracelet again and whenever he enquired my hear beat would accelerate making me live in constant fear. After around 5 to 6 years one day my dad insisted on seeing the bracelet and I was forced in to telling the truth. My dad surprisingly didn't get angry at all. He only told me I shouldn't have lied to him. And within seconds the fear which was haunting me for years had evaporated and I wondered if lying was worth the constant tension I was in.

2. I had scored considerably low in my biology paper in 12th standard 1st sessional exam. Ideally I should have got the report card home but once again out of fear I told my dad I lost my report card and forged his signature. For months he kept asking me and I kept lying to him. One lie led to another and that led to another and by the end of the year I had created a mess for myself. That whole year I couldn't even concentrate on studies as I had to cover up my track of lies and finally ended up scoring very low on my 12th board exams. I wish I had told him the truth. He would have scolded me but I am sure I needed it at that time. I would have definitely scored better in final exams and lived tension free.

It is not uncommon to lie but it is very important to understand the impact of these lies in our life and in others. One lie leads to another and the chain never breaks. Because of my past experiences I decided never to lie and today I am a way better person. I sometimes do lie even now to protect others but never to endanger anything. 

Like it is shown in the kinley advertisement Lying makes us nervous and unable to sleep due to guilt of lying to our dear ones. It may help us in getting through difficult times but never through the worst. It is like pain killer tablets which gives only temporary relief but not permanent solution.

So my advice to everyone "never lie and live without fears". 

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

To my fellow bloggers!!!

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I have been following Alok Vats for a while now and you can read his blog here:

His blog, at many instances made me question why do I blog? What do I want from blogging?

- Do I want to earn money through my blog?

- Do I want my blog to be famous and earn me fame?

- Do I want to be an established writer?

- Do I want to bring changes in the society through my blog?

What do I want?
 I don't think I want any of these (may be a portion of the last one!!!)

I initially thought I was writing to kill time, but honestly, that is not true. Sometimes, amid the busiest days I try to write and some days I am just too lazy to write anything. It depends on my mood and when I started blogging it was only about myself. But now things have changed!!!

I don't read and comment on other's blogs to improve my readers and if I have read and commented on your blog then that means I genuinely loved your article and I felt it was worth my time!!! I know there are many more blogs and I can't read  all of them but I try to read the ones whose authors have impressed me and with whom I have developed a bond in this virtual world. Tomichan Matheikal, Arvind Passey, Anita, Datta Ghosh, Gaurab, Narasimha Sharma Veturi, Maniparna, Indrani Ghosh, Mridula Dwivedi, Vinay Nagaraju, Anmol Rawat, Karan Sampat, Ravish Mani, Jithesh Prabhakaran are the bloggers whom I follow regularly and there are many more other blogs which I read when time permits. 

These people are the real reason why I continue to write. They excel at what they write which inspires me to write more. Their view points question mine and I am forced to think in another direction altogether. So, after 10 months of blogging (I can't believe it as I normally get bored of everything very easily) I want to write more and read more and write more!!! Not because I am a great writer (I might not be a writer at all; I just scribble) but because these bloggers inspire me to write. These bloggers write about so many different topics that by the end of the day, I have something of my own to say. 

I say because people hear or maybe I say because I hear!!! Thanks a lot dear bloggers. You have no idea how you have motivated me and encouraged me through my difficult times. It is a wonder how one person influences the other even without seeing, how one person motivates the other even without saying, how one person shares the pain even without comforting, and how one person drives another person through life even without realizing. 

Now if somebody asks me why do I blog, I tell them I just want to be that hope and inspiration to some broken heart in need. There is no better cause, isn't it???? 

Saturday, December 20, 2014


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Those dark brightened shadows
moved in with such ease
If death had failed them that night
time would definitely cease

Their toys when moved in action
death submitted in shame
A massacre of devotion and emotions
never sounded them lame

They barged in, stepping forward
to rule over the left over humanity
When the veil lifted, unravelling truth
they wondered at their vanity

The human race was extinct
except their pride, religion and blood
Countries without boundaries,
Holy books without it's devotees
And rivers filled with mud

Now they looked around, to feel
the darkness they buried in their lives
Contemplating their actions 
of burning homes, slaughtering children,
raping sisters and selling their wives

"He" told there is an end to everything
to start fresh; to give a new definition
But as the dawn of apocalypse slid in
he promised to re-create earth
without a single human!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Travelling with kids!!!

I love children as long as they are accompanied by their parents. The moment they create a fuss, I can happily hand over them to their parents and breathe. As far as children are concerned, I believed, they are fussy, impatient, hyperactive, and problem creators and most importantly, they won't let us have any fun during travel. So, I had already decided not to pitch in my future children for any outings. I know, selfish and heartless, but deep inside I was trying to slip away from any additional responsibilities. 

After going through Club Mahindra's Teddy Travelogue, I wondered if Kids really have any stories to share. I had no “good” stories to share. I was all of the above mentioned!!! I gave a hard time for my parents and when I brushed through those old trip days I couldn't fathom what made my parents take me along. So, immediately I gave a call to my dad and asked him to narrate our travelogue. And after listening to him for an hour, patiently, I realized how much I enjoyed those trips just like my parents. I was stubborn and hard-to-adjust, but at the end, it filled our hearts with joy.

So here goes my dad's experience of travelling with a kid (Oh, that's me), who was very difficult to handle.

Dad and Mom always enjoyed travelling. But poverty did not let them tour frequently. There was a time when they visited Bangalore and had no money to come back home. Instead, they visited Davangere and borrowed some money and with that extra money in hand they went to Mantralaya before returning home. I know, crazy isn't it? Having less than hundred bucks in the account they travelled as much as they could. My dad's first trip with me was when I was one year old and he says he enjoyed every bit of it. However, I couldn't contribute much to their trip (positive and negative) having me in their arms was heaven for them. He tells me he was more than excited to hold me and roam around Bangalore. I was no easy kid. But they somehow managed by scheduling their sleep and food time table as per mine. 

The next trip along with me was when I was three and half years old. Goa!!! I don't even have vague memories of this trip, but some old photos back home still holds good, as proof for my naughty behaviour. When we were travelling from Manipal to Goa by bus, I started dancing on the song "Mumbai se aaya mera dost, dost ko Salam Karo" and to my parent's surprise I was all over the bus. Thankfully nobody complained, but danced along with me. When we reached Goa, everybody insisted my parents to visit their house with me. Can't believe I was a "hit" in the bus!!! My parents, however, were very much concerned and aware of the fact they were in a different state with a girl child who was already noted amongst the crowd (mostly men). Even today, when my dad narrates about this incident he laughs. 

One more trip where "I messed up" was in Subramanya. Subramanya is a holy place for Hindus and taking bath in the river before entering the temple is a custom. I was four years old (I remember this incident, but vaguely) and when my parents had gone to the river, my mother gave me her Bindi to hold. I don't know what got into me, I inserted the bindi inside my one nostril and inhaled it with all the force. When my mother asked for the bindi, it seems I showed my nose and told "it got stuck inside". My poor parents; they were scared and worried. My mother, intelligently, made me sneeze and hurray, the bindi had found its way out. Because of the glue, it had got stuck in my nasal cavity and saved it from entering my lungs.

There are many more such incidents which gave my parents a near heart attack, but my curiosities, my openness, my enthusiasm, my exploring nature, made every holiday and every memory so very special for them (or so they say). He says, my stupid questions like "what does that sign 'no smoking' mean" to "can we go back home now" everything holds a special place in his heart. He says, there have been times when they have ignored certain facts which due to my stupid questions, came into the picture. All thanks to me!!!

But there were difficult times too. I remember travelling to Mumbai and insisting on drinking Pepsi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only Pepsi and no food!!! At last my dad's patience broke and he said he would smash my head if I ever asked for Pepsi in life. I remember halting at toy stores and making a fuss about buying one. We didn't have enough money, but of course a kid won't understand the financial difficulties. 

So, I asked my father and mother-in-law about how to manage kids during travel, and these were the tips: 

1. During travel make sure kids get proper sleep and healthy food. The main problem of travelling with children is, they fall sick very quickly. So, it is our responsibility to make sure they stay healthy.

2. For you looking at sunset might be fun, but not for kids. So, it is important to include activities of their choice. Let them build sand castle while you enjoy a beautiful sunset.

3. It is very important to attend to kid's safety. You can avoid places which are not safe or make sure you are always with them. Sometimes, holding hands is not sufficient. You need to be alert and observant!!!

4. Travel is also educational. So make sure, kids get the right kind of exposure and learn about the places than just visiting. Attending to their curiosities and answering their questions is very much important. 

5. Travelling with other children will add more responsibility on your shoulders but your kids will enjoy the most with their age peers. So, next time plan to club with others and go on a trip. 

6. Pay attention, don't leave them out of your sight, but never hold them back. Let them explore the place through their eyes and not yours. 

Kids on an adventure trip
7. When you are travelling with children always make reservations. Be it travel, stay or sight seeing having a clear plan is required.

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8. Medicines are a must when you travel with kids and also, first aid kits.

9. Encourage your kids to write a journal about their travel experiences and if possible, give them a camera so that they can click pictures and enjoy travel in their own way. If they are engaged, you can also get your own personal time.

10. Travelling instills good moral values and helps in overall personality development. Boards like "do not pluck flowers", "Do not pelt stones at animals in zoo" gives them a better learning about the environment and they learn by watching and not just by our teachings. So, next time when you travel make sure your child learns right from wrong and evolves as a better person.  

From their silly inquiries to random behaviours, kids bring out the best in our lives, not only travel. Having them on board will leave us with umpteen experiences to talk about. Some experiences may be bad, some may be worse, but every travel experience with kids, for sure, remain in our hearts as a beautiful memory. Memory filled with innocence, laughter and love!!!

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LDR is a disease!!!

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LDR disease- 

Serious attention required!!!

Definition- Long distance relationship disease - is a deadly disease seen mostly amongst youth which affects both females and males, predominantly females; caused by separation often resulting in mobile addiction, depression and unnecessary expenses. 

Causes- work, money or simple desires of being in a new country/city. LDR can also be a result of parental transfer and school/college change. 


1. The phone is picked up at the first ring

Why is it not ringing yet???

2. Always waiting for the message beep

How many years have passed waiting???

3. Mobile internet data are always recharged

I am always online!!!

4. Heavy phone bills

Where did my money disappear???

5. Installation of free messaging applications 


6. Video calling facility is maximum used

Can you see me now???

7. Sleep deprived (due to time difference)

No No, I am still awake, let's talk!!!

8. Sad, lonely and grumpy

I will kill you if you don't call!!!

9. Unwarranted tears of desperation 

Why is this happening to me?? Sob sob!!!

10. Depressed hormones

Can I get some real kisses too???

11. Usage of "I miss you" is most observed

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you and I miss you!!!


The only permanent treatment available is staying together.

Jadu ki Jhappi!!! 

But symptomatic treatment for temporary relief can be given, such as frequent messages and calls to avoid depression, using free video calling to avoid heavy phone bills. In severe conditions, psychological counselling may be warranted. 

Or till I start hallucinating!!!

But if not treated even then, LDR disease may end up in amnesia (forgetting romantic moments and sometimes even faces) but in rare cases it has proved to be lethal to the relationship ending in divorce. 

Just one question - WHO ARE YOU???

For public safety- if anybody is suffering from LDR disease, then get yourself permanently treated before it is too late.

"Jan hith me jaari"

Morality Vs. Pleasure

I have read many articles which say Hinduism doesn't agree upon pre-marital sex. It is against our religion and moral ethics and who more than Indians talk about ethics and mortify women. Surprisingly, India, which is also called Bharat, is named after a man who was born as a result of pre-marital sex. Now, you may say, Dushyant and Shakuntala got in to Gandharva Vivah, then every man and woman in love having sex before marriage has done Gandharva Vivah. 

As per wikipedia - Gandharva marriage is, according to Apastamba Grhyasutra - an ancient Hindu literature, the method of marriage where the girl selects her own husband. They meet each other of their own accord, consensually agree to live together, and their relationship is consummated in copulation born of passion. This form of marriage did not require consent of parents and anyone else. According to Vedic records, this is one of the earliest and common form of marriage in Rg Vedic times. 


It was considered as marriage back then as "moving on" was a term newly coined. In the present day scenario, if Dushyant leaves Shakuntala she will get herself in to a job and earn her money and may or may not marry but for sure will live happily than sulking and being objectified. So, in olden days, having no option, they preferred to be called as "married" which roots from physical attraction only. No parental permission or understanding between couples - they saw, they got attracted and they had sex after exchanging garlands (or what they say so). 

What about the birth of Karna? Now don't tell me you believe in what they telecast in Mahabharata serial. No light from the center of the palm will produce babies!!! Anyway, with the fear of society and humiliation Kunti deserts her new born baby. So, pre-marital sex has been in practice since gods walked on this earth!!! Even after marriage, due to Pandu's curse, Kunti becomes pregnant with various men. Now is that acceptable in Hindu religion? Don't you think it is even worse than pre-marital sex? So are we saying if husband agrees, then a woman can sleep with anybody? But all our lives, we have praised the Pandavas and considered them as our true heroes. 


In the present day scenario, a girl is not respected if the society gets to know about her sex before marriage act, even if it is with the same man she married later. Sometimes, I feel we blame too much on our religion than blaming the mankind. I have written so far only to make one point - "Our religion doesn't speak ill of sex before marriage. It has happened in the past. And they made sure, these couples get married later. So, let us not say "being a Hindu how can you do this? Or our Purana says it is a sinful act".

If I have hurt anybody's emotions, I am sorry. I may sound blunt talking about Hinduism, but it saddens me to know, people at the end blame it on our culture and religion, which is not true. Starting from love marriage (Krishna and Rukmini) to multiple wives to love without marriage (Radha and Krishna) to sex before marriage to marriage without anybody's consent was accepted in our ancient society. But with time we have modified the rules to fit our own convenience.  

Now let us peep in to the present day scenario and my opinion of pre-marital sex-

I believe every human being has the right to make choices in life - good, bad or worse and learn from these choices. So, if somebody wants to have sex before marriage, then it is completely their call. And what happens later (pregnancy, STDs) is something they have to deal with it. 


I am not old school or modern - I am just being me here. I believe sex is not overrated like the modern day kids believe and I do not say having sex before marriage is sinful. I believe it is an act of love. I believe sleeping with a man whom you don't love (happens in most arrange marriages) is surely sinful. Marriage doesn't say whom you should sleep with but love does. If you love somebody, then I don't see any harm in "being one" physically. 

The problem is with the current mindset which thinks sex is for pleasure only and sleeping with someone is like a feather in their cap. I have a problem with this concept!!!


When a girl at the age 18 gets married to the worst man in the world (may be, has many other sexual partners) and sleeps with him; she is treated like a respectable woman. 

And if the same girl has sex before marriage with the most genuine and good hearted man she is considered as a slut. 

I have problem with this mindset. I know the problems associated with pre-marital sex or can I say "just sex" - who knows if post marital sex will leave you in wonderland; he may be suffering from AIDS. The problem is not in pre-marital or post-marital but in our value systems. 

Value system which doesn't say when to have sex, but to do the righteous act. Have sex if you are truly in love and consider each other as husband and wife. Marry each other later (for the society marriage is a must) and live a long happy life. Never play with anybody's emotions and force someone in to having sex with you. Don't treat a woman like a prostitute because she slept with another man - reason out with her, she may as well have a good reason. Don't treat a woman who was raped as a slut - breaking her hymen was not her choice. 


When a girl thinks about sleeping with a boy-

1. She is in love with him
2. She has already considered him as her husband (may be this is what is Gandharva vivaha)
3. She doesn't care whom she sleeps with - just for fun

And what happens later-

1. The boy might leave her hurting her for life
2. She might get pregnant, spoil her education, career
3. She might get some STDs. 
4. She might as well marry the same boy in a few years.



When there are so many probabilities involved how can we strictly say "yes" or "no". 

I say "yes" to pre-marital sex if both of them are in love. Marriage doesn't define whom you should love and how!!!


I say "no" when people have sex with multiple partners and think it is overrated. It is a big "NO" for sex before and after marriage if a person can't be loyal to another and in love. 

I say "yes" if girl and boy are matured, independent and at the right age to make their choices and bear the consequences. 

I say "no" when high school kids have sex like their next science project.

I say "yes" when there is mutual consent

I say "no" when one of them is being emotionally played or physically forced. 

I am only highlighting my views in this post. You may not accept or agree with me, you may completely dislike it, but you are entitled to your opinion just like me!!!  I only hope I have not hurt anybody's sentiments through this post. If I did, then I am sorry, but I really can't change my stand on this.  

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He said "if you love me then why these boundaries. It is nature's law to love emotionally and physically. Then why hide behind the unseen walls of culture and traditions. Just let yourself free and feel love"

She never understood him; his values, opinions and mindset which was way above her world. But that evening when he asked her to be his forever, breaking her value system, she let herself to be his bait. For her it was all in the name of love and what he hid beneath his innocent face was something her innocent mind couldn't decipher. At least not then!!!


Four years later, she looked beautiful as a bride. Her red Kanjeevaram sari looked so elegant that her future husband by minutes, couldn't take his eyes off her. Nobody could. But her eyes told a different tale altogether. She wasn't marrying the man she was in love with few years earlier and her eyes couldn't hide the loathe she carried for him. After having sex with her for few years, he disappeared in to thin air. She waited for him and hoped rather convinced herself he wasn't a cheat. After all it was first love and true one, indeed. 

Sadly, he never came back for her and she was forced in to marrying a man whom she never loved!!!


Her marriage was an event which everybody spoke about in her town. Lavish and extravagant!!! But nothing seemed to make her happy. A lost soul abiding the rules of society couldn't ask for more, is what she thought. She needed a husband; ten years elder to her, orthodox and completely different in mentality was even manageable. But needed a husband desperately for her family and society. With a fake smile and a sad heart, she was married and bade farewell to her parents. 

"Finally, at the age of 36 I am going to get some sex" he thought

"Oh god! I don't want him touch me" she thought

But of course in this unspoken war, he won!!!

The next day morning he didn't seem comfortable at all. The white linen cloth had no stains and this bothered him. "Why didn't she bleed?", "was she in to sports?", "she is not a virgin?", "is it possible for women to not bleed?", "why didn't it hurt her bad considering this was her first time?" questions were hammering his not-so-useful brain. He wanted to ask her directly but he couldn't. After she woke up unable to control his emotions he blurted out all the thoughts in words at once. 


"I am sorry. But I never wanted to hide it from you but couldn't jeopardize the marriage. I am not a virgin. I was in love with a man who didn't deserve it. He coaxed me in to having sex with him and I was so much blindly in love, I agreed. I slept with him whenever he felt horny and was dumped as a trash finally when done. I loved him no doubt and he used me. That's all I can say. But trust me, I never did for the mere pleasure of it. I did it because I thought nothing meant more to me than his happiness. I am no slut. I hope you understand"


Her husband felt disgusted from inside. He had saved himself all his life for the special one and now he had got himself a second hand product. "How could she sleep with another man? And how dare she agree to her sinful act in front of me" he wondered. "Everybody has to be informed and there is no escape. She is filthy, whore and god knows with how many more men she has slept with. I can't take this woman in my life" his heart cried out loud. Without thinking twice, he dragged her out of his room and stripped her naked in front of his entire family. She felt humiliated, embarrassed and cursed herself for letting herself loose. She thought she deserved every inch of hell he dug. She slowly walked inside it, losing her femininity, her womanhood, herself. 

All that remained was a broken hymen!!! 


This post is written as a part of IndiBlogger contest in association with Poonaam Uppal's True Love - A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart.