Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ab hum bhi bolenge !!!

Dear supreme power of India,

I am sure everybody knows what I am referring to here. No no not the Prime Minister and definitely not the President. The Supreme Power is none other than the common people of India. Just because Narendra Modi holds a broom in hand India is not going to get cleaner. Or because AAP decides to make broom as their logo India is not going to get cleaner. We normally blame the government, higher authorities for whatever that is going wrong in our country. Like the garbage near my house has been created by the corrupt politicians !!!! May be this is the time for a morning call, to awaken our spirits and do our bit to keep our motherland clean and green. 

So, here is a quick peek in to a funny and absurd Indian way of living :

1. Even the educated Indian boys do not mind peeing on the streets. Oh yeah, that wouldn't leave any dump behind. Just some stinking smell !!!


2. This is our motherland (literally every inch of land is our mothers and fathers) so we can chew pan and tobacco and spit wherever we want in whichever design that pleases us. And yeah if you are not a tobacco eater, do not worry, you can still spit anywhere in India. How cool is that !!!!


3. I think every Indian is illiterate. People are obsessed with dumping trashes where there is a board which clearly states "DO NOT DUMP YOUR TRASH HERE"


4. Every India also needs basket ball practice. Somehow we aim it for the garbage can outside our locality but trash falls outside and due to our constant back pain we do not prefer putting them back in the can. We just love stray dogs and so we leave it for them to play around.
5. Chocolate wrap to plastic bags, everything has found a new home - Indian streets and yeah, we gave it to them. So proud !!!

6. While travelling, we are even good at throwing pepsi bottles, orange peels, left over food directly from our bus window in to the windshield of a nearby car or sometimes head of a biker. If they are not wearing a helmet, don't blame us.


7. And yeah we even love tucking the chewing gums on our bus/cab seats or on a bench. We just love sticking things to strangers. At least in that way we are remembered. 

8. Finally, being so much in love with our country we only sweep till our house gate and the road which is just outside doesn't concern us. We did our duty by voting. Now it is undoubtedly their responsibility. 

Hell yes, I am pissed. People are asking me to raise my voice but against whom? Why can't we be a little more responsible. When recently I had been to Dubai (no doubt authorities are doing a good job) I saw a different way of living. People did not spit on streets or pee or dump their trash or throw chocolate wraps but when the same people come back to India they can't let go off their innate behavior. It is like "I am born in India, brought up in India, had my education in India but I promise to keep Dubai clean". Where does your manners go when you step your foot in your own country? Some simple 8 points are mentioned above and are you really telling me we can't follow this? 

Few years earlier even I wouldn't mind throwing chocolate wraps on roads (as it would already be dirty) but my husband started insisting (thank you hubby) on some good behavior. Since then, I have truly realized my share of duty towards my country. I am raising my voice against my own people (a whole bunch of my friends and relatives) and requesting them (later will shout) to keep our locality clean, and by doing so, India will automatically get cleaned up at least by 50 %.  But no, we are the educated lot. We can't do these simple tasks. Right guys and boys, please, there are public toilets everywhere (at least in towns and cities and metros). If those toilets are unclean and stinky, you have no right to make India unclean and stinky !!! 

Do your bit and trust me, people will follow and so, our country !!!! 

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#AbMontuBolega campaign is an initiative by Strepsils about raising our voices against things which we know are absolutely wrong. But normally we ignore them and avoid them. It is like something is itching in our throat and we do not want to speak up. With #AbMontuBolega campaign we all can speak and be heard. A great initiative by Strepsils and I hope to see some changes in our country. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

The other side of LOVE !!!!

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I could never explain it to her, he thought and when he peeped through the window, she seemed happy. Just happy. Her bedroom was decorated with balloons and red ribbons, red is her favorite, and Mia bubbled some more air bubbles in to the air, while she innocently tried to burst them with her fragile fingers. There he saw her laugh, for the first time after what happened. And for that moment, he wished his world to stop, just to look at her laugh, hear her giggles, see her jump and burst some more air bubbles. He was relieved. He had waited for so long to live this moment. Five years to be precise. And today, he saw the same joy which had caressed her life five years ago when he had first seen her in her dance class, dancing out of the world without any qualms or complaints; losing herself to every beat. But sadly, he saw her being insanely happy only on that day. Since then, she was only lost. He only saw tears wetting her life and he never saw her dance again. The pain was too much for him to bear; he silently wiped out those harsh tears and smiled as he knew today was the day to celebrate. 

After five long years of wait she was finally smiling, laughing, dancing along with Mia. After five years she broke out of her prison in which she forced herself in to a death sentence. What was so different today, he wondered. In the last five years she never celebrated her birthday, she never let anyone wish her. He knew today was something more than her birthday and how much he had understood her, he was definite those cute dimple of hers told another tale of joy. It wasn't simply because she was born on that same day twenty two years back. She was never a woman of past anyways so the present spoke for her joy. "What if she has got some clue?" The mere thought ran a shiver down his soul and he prayed, that day would never come. Then why would she be so happy? The more he saw her laugh and giggle an uncomfortable lump formed in his throat and he couldn't gulp it. Now tears of joy had turned in to something dark which he wished to forget, to start fresh. But they say, how can you actually leave behind the path you have walked on, as only that is responsible for where you are today. He was sure if it hadn't been his dark past, he would have never followed this beautiful girl for as long as five years, he wouldn't have fallen in love. Yes, he loved her more than an eternity could decipher, more than he himself ever understood. Otherwise, why would he celebrate her birthday lurking behind a mango tree peeping through her windows, singing happy birthday silently, smiling over her laughter and crying over his helplessness. She didn't even know he existed but for him she was his world. Her every small desire was his life’s goal and whenever she prayed for something, he made an extra effort to make it happen. But no matter what he did, she was never happy until today. So was he, in the last five years. Finally, happy to see his love happy.

“Tessa, will you at least cut your cake now? I am hungry” Mia was shouting
“Wait a minute Mia. I feel someone is behind that Mango tree.” Tessa was scared with the thought of someone watching her. All her smiles vanished and fear engulfed her like it did before. She silently walked towards the window and shut them.

There his happiness had come to an end. He cursed himself for being present and ruining her evening. But he couldn't help himself. He just silently walked past that Mango tree, in to his car and drove away wondering how his life would have been different had he not killed her parents. At least he could have expressed his love for her or may be, he would have never followed her and fallen in love with her. 

Love pushed him to live through his guilt but also, made him die every single second counting her endless tears. And yeah, only love can do that !!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

LML Vespa stranger !!!!

We meet, we greet, we depart !!!!

This is the basic "funda" of life. We meet thousands of people in our lives but we don't really remember each and every one. After few days, we forget their names, where we met them and sometimes we even smile back at people wondering if we actually know them. This is the way of life and our memory chip in brain is already flooding with so much data it tends to reject those not important. But some acquaintances/strangers leave an impression in your mind so strong that with just one meeting or facebook conversation you remember them or you wish to know them for what they are. Call it their aura or helpful nature or over all attitude, you get smitten by them and can't let go. Today I want to write about one such person whom my dad met many years ago (when I was just a newborn baby) and till date he remembers him and thanks him. This is the story of a stranger who once literally saved my dad's ass. 

It was 31st December, 1986 (I was 2 months old) and my mother had a camp at Manchekal, a place quite far from our home town. Because I was a newborn living in my aunt's house dad made extra efforts in bringing mom back home after her camp. So that at least for few hours mother daughter could spend some cozy time together. During camp days, dad left home around 10 pm to pick my mom and that night was no different. Around 12 am when they were riding back home in my dad's Rajdoot near Bantekal he realized he was doomed for the night. A flat Tyre in the middle of the night on new year's eve with a woman, was no bliss in disguise. 

Unlike these days, the number of vehicles were close to zero at midnight and even today, in places like Bantekal hitchhiking in the night is impossible. So having no hopes left he parked his bike on the side and walked along with my mom. After walking for almost one km his heart stopped when a group of 8 to 10 guys dancing on "mumbai se aaya mere dost" circled them whistling and screaming. After all, it was New year's eve and people have their own way of celebrating it. But at least they shouldn't scare the public. When my mom and dad were sweating in their pants, the crowd left them alone but they were still close by dancing. Now they were scared and his gut told him to reach home as soon as possible. He was even ready to run. 

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That was when his "stranger for life" arrived in LML Vespa along with a pillion. It was hero's entry for my dad. When my dad stopped him and explained his worst nightmare coming true, he offered his LML Vespa to my dad. I still don't understand what on earth made him do that? How could he trust someone so blindly? But he did !!! However, my dad wasn't comfortable riding a scooter back then; he refused. Then this guy made my parents wait on the road, dropped his friend back home and triple rode my parents to my aunt's house. 

Next day morning when my dad went back to his Rajdoot and got the Tyre fixed, he made a point to visit this stranger's house (he did ask for address but never his name; funny). Being a Christian, on New Year's day his house was flooded with alcohol and sweets. My dad shared a jug of beer with them and thanked him heartily for helping two strangers on the road who were surrounded by drunk dancers. Unlike other nights it was not safe on new year's eve. Alcohol was surging through everybody's veins and with a woman on board dad knew the odds. My dad still exclaims it to be the longest night of his life. All he was concerned about was his wife's safety. 

Even today, if somebody asks for lift my dad obliges (even with my persistent tantrums about strangers) saying he is only returning the favor of 31st December. So far all safe and I hope it stays that way. 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

If we could rewind...

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It  is often said, live in your present; forget your past and don't peep in to future. Until recently, I was of the same opinion but I also know past teaches you a lot more than any teacher or school or college. When we are living a moment we are unable to decode it to distinguish right from wrong. But once it reaches those pages in the past and when we dig through them at least for minutes the truth starts floating in front of us. Now it is up to us if to accept them or ignore them, but truth reveals by itself. Do not live in your past but live enough to learn from it. 


Now if we are given a chance to rewind our lives and go back to our past, then what would we do? Where do we exactly land? In our worst days to set things right or best days just to re-live those happy moments? Today when I was having some discussion with my sister, I realized my life would have been a different story had I taken the right steps at the right time. And now, the damage is too irreversible. But if I get a chance to go back, I wouldn't go there to clear the slate (scared of the butterfly effect). I would happily jump in to my best moment and definitely, re-live it. Because I know now I-am-an-adult life is way too boring and damaged. What I would like is to still be able to dance in the bus (Yeah I did on my way to Goa from Udupi and I was three) or play hide and seek and get lost (I hid so far away I lost my way back home) or just want to curl up against dad and listen to his childhood stories (which for some reason I can't do now) or feel special when every relative of mine would pamper me (now it is my turn to pamper other kids and I am jealous). This list definitely goes on... 

I did this !!!

Here I am, in this empty room going through some pictures, analyzing my worst decisions, cribbing over my present, being scared of my future. But what is yet holding me strong is my experience. My mistakes, my gut which fought them, my bucket full of tears, my hard phase of life, my shattered dreams, my not achieved ambitions, my one more bucket full of tears - makes me what I am today. Hence, I do not want anything to change. I want those harsh days to be still there, my mistakes to be still there so that I will always be thankful for what I have got today and for what I am today. If I could really go back in my past, I will just enjoy my childhood once again (I miss writing exams and writing in copy books) and do not erase or correct my past. Because that past defines my present and no matter how badly it might suck, I am still too proud of it.


What would you do if you get an opportunity to back in your past??? Let me know... 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Five ways to keep the passion ignited...

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Life gets a new definition after marriage and so does, Love !!! The romantic moments spent before wedding appear silly and just cuddling becomes time consuming. Sex stops at having children and candle light dinner at saving money !!!! Wives when they watch romantic movies cry about the lost romance in life and husbands wonder where did the "hotness quotient" dry away. Now tell me who doesn't agree with me. I know everybody does. Before marriage just to hug each other people hid behind bushes, avoiding police, parents and public and after marriage when they have all the freedom in the world to touch, they don't have time or passion or spark or whatever you may want to call it.

So, here I am writing a post as to how you can maintain that spark in your marriage :

1. It is a human tendency to go against law and do things which we are not supposed to. For example, kissing in a park or hugging in a movie theater or may be even more. But after marriage once you have all the freedom in the world to get cozy in your own cozy bedroom you tend to forget those moments which ignited your passion. So what you are married? Still you can secretly hold hands in movie theater or kiss in a park (make sure no militant organizations are watching). After all you are husband and wife and you love each other !!!

2. Go on romantic dates. Just because you are married and have kids doesn't stop you from making the other person feel special. Some romantic music, candle night and vintage wine will bring back that spark instantly.

3. The law by nature says, humans get bored easily by the same routine. So do things differently. You can surprise your wife by coming home for lunch and some romance... You can get up early and cook breakfast together.. You can still pour water on each other (marriage doesn't say you need to keep the house clean always)... Do things that would make you come closer. Salsa class would be great !!!!

4. Always make time to hold each other. This is compulsory in every relationship. Only a physical touch, hug makes two human beings come closer like their souls are bounded. In this hectic and busy schedule, we are always on the run and tired. So, hardly we get time even to touch !!! But try to take some time off and hug your spouse. If you don't eventually you will forget how important it is to feel each other and lose its importance.

5. And yes, most important thing always look beautiful and fit. We often lose ourselves to marriage, family and children that we forget to take care of ourselves, our skin, our looks. It is true love doesn't see beauty but if you can still make his/her heart skip a beat trust me the passion in marriage will never fade away. Always look your best.

I hope this helps ....

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The good old days, Simi thought. His touch meant the world to her. Born an orphan, the only thing she ever wanted was a cozy hug and a comforting touch. She cribbed for it. She had got many on the way, some lustful, some aggressive, some lost. But she never found what she wanted, what her inner soul cried for. And when she found him, she had lost him in no time. 

The first time when they met on a bus, she detested him sitting so close by and trying endlessly to make a conversation. Regular bus, regular passengers, regular seat forced them in to being friends. Finally, he had asked her out for dinner and she affirmatively said yes. She had worn her best dress for the night and looked gorgeous that he blurted out "If I touch you once, I won't be able to keep my hands off you" and she had laughed in return. Finally, when he did hold her hand she knew instantly she was falling in love with this man. Then he kissed her, like no one was watching them in that restaurant. That is how their love blossomed without having to express anything through words. It was just all said in their touch.


Simi always wondered how did she stumble upon such happiness in life. She had struggled all her life and now having Arjun by her side was an enchanting dream. A dream which never wanted to turn in to reality. She was always scared of reality. But, who can run away from the bitterness of life. Her hospital test results during a blood donation program broke her life, her heart and Arjun of course. Simi was suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Her lost days came floating in front of her so harshly that she couldn't face Arjun anymore. He was scared too and angry. Though he knew every tangled story of her life he couldn't accept the reality. She didn't cheat him, he knew but felt helpless. So, he just left. 


It was almost one year since Arjun left. One day evening, Simi heard a knock on her door and she couldn't believe when she saw Arjun standing there with a bouquet of red roses in hand. She stood there just gazing at him. "I am sorry Simi" that's all he had to say. But she was too hurt to reply anything. She just walked in without responding. He sat next to her and smiled and told her "If I touch you once, I won't be able to keep my hands off you" and like the first time he gently held her hand and kissed her. Simi broke in to tears and she told she was sorry too. Arjun hugged her and that hug comforted her saying he was always going to be with her. After his touch, Simi once again felt alive. She felt she can fight against every disease as long as he was with her holding her hand. 



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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Porcelanosa surprise !!!!

She was quite upset with her husband. After all, he did not consult her in hand before venturing in to designing her dream house as a birthday present. She was there from the start. From the planning to construction to making sure every brick was in its place. But her favourite part, interior designing was stolen away from her by her husband. How much do men know about these, she wondered. Whatever it was she was fuming and she was not ready to step inside her dream house even alongside a persistent husband.

"If I don't like it, I am going to redo everything" She thundered.

"OK baby. As you wish but at least see what I have done" the poor husband begged.

When she walked inside, that house was no longer her dream house. It was like a magic land. Her husband had indeed done a great job. She couldn't believe her eyes that her house, her baby house, looked so beautiful. Every tile on the floor and wall reflected her happiness. Those porcelain couldn't hide the surprise mixed with happiness on her face. Her favourite part of the house, Kitchen, was glowing with the best kitchen interiors and some fancy taps and dining table. She rushed to the bedroom to find a new world out there. The wardrobes and dressing rooms were at a completely new level. The sleek and stylish furniture made her heart give away and she looked at her husband and smiled.

Cemento Silver 59,6 x 59,6 cm

Trafic Cemento Caliza 59,6 x 59,6 cm

Quattro Avenue White

Foc Roble Hueso / Lino Habana Textil

G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage

Curve Roble Blanco Cal



Modul @ K
"You have created magic here. I mean, I would have never done something like this. How did you even do it?"

"It is not over yet, let's go to the bathroom" he smiled in return

The bathtub, bathroom furniture, basins, rain shower and even the shower curtains were exquisite.  She thought she would faint then and there. She just asked, "how?"

and he said "Porcelanosa".

A word she had never heard before... "what now you are learning Spanish?" she laughed.

"Well no baby. But our house is a little bit of Spain in its own way. Porcelanosa is from Valencia, Spain and our house looks this stylish as every bit of Porcelanosa is incorporated here. And Porcelanosa has ventured in to Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil developers ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving. Come here, this is their catalogue, have a look".

Now, what he did not expect happened. His wife was extremely angry. She started yelling at him,

"This is why you should have consulted me. Why did you pick porcelain tiles, why not natural stone may be granite. That would make it Indian yet stylish. Why did you choose natural stone for the wall, why not STON-KER. I mean, look at them they are so stylish and look at those designs. I don't know what is wrong with you. With these range of products, you could have created not magic land but heaven on earth." She stormed out.

He had learnt his lesson, let the women decorate and men pay bills. He silently walked out cursing about showing the catalogue.

Now if you guys want to see the catalogue, do visit their website : and do take your wives advice before furnishing your house. 

Just a click away !!!!

Few years ago I lived a hard life. A house with one room and a bathroom with curtains. But no toilets. I was a little girl then. I had no qualms about sitting behind a mango tree for the regular morning chores except I used to run away every time I saw a snake hanging in the tree. Thinking of it now, I seriously wonder how did my parents survive that phase especially my mother. Had she been alive today, I would have definitely questioned about her dignity and other issues. But now I am on my own to discover some answers. So I decided to go on an educational trip in and around my area in the morning to get some real answers. 

I must say, and very proud that Manipal is a place where I hardly see people defecating in the public. Mostly people are educated here and might not be extremely rich but financially stable enough to have toilets. And then there are public toilets. But still this problem exists in my city for immigrants. Because of the high paid pages, lots and lots of farmers and coolie workers come to Manipal in search of food, shelter and clothing. These immigrants are spread throughout Manipal and Udupi but are mostly inhabiting in a place called Beedangudde. This is a place which we people avoid the most considering bad smell and lack of hygiene. I wouldn't mind going there riding my scooty but never by walk. This is the only place where I see small kids defecating near road side. They don't have any bathrooms or toilets. They are living in tents. Tents smaller than travel tents. And not one person but a whole family stays there. Today morning when I rode over that area I observed certain things closely. Their clothes were filthy, they looked ill and yes, hygiene is a word which prefers to stay away from them. So what do they do for taking bath? Looks like they hardly take one. But what about defecating. Now that is something people can't control. So, yes having no choice and they are forced to defecate in the public or may be back side of their tents. It is giving me goosebumps even while writing this. How difficult it must be for them to live like that? Our local government has taken initiate to clean the near by area to build a new auditorium. I wish they had built some toilets for these people. Then no Babli or Kamla would fall sick. 

Yes, we all have learnt in our schools how important it is to maintain good hygiene. Polio, Giardiasis, Hepatitis A, Diarrhea, Cholera are often caused by defecating in public and not so surprisingly, children below the age of five are higher in number suffering from these. Defecation contaminates water, soil and land. So its effects might lower in few days but its side effects are going to last longer than we imagine. Apart from health, there is one more major concern that is a woman's respect, her dignity. India is a country where women are taunted even an inch of her body is shown (especially in the rural areas) and imagine her plight when she has to defecate in the public. As a woman I wonder, could there be anything more traumatizing and humiliating for a woman?  

Well, these people do not defecate in the public due to habit. Obviously it is because of lack of money and hence unable to have their own toilets. May be it is government's duty to do something about this major issue India is facing. But can we leave everything up to the government? Can we do something about it? Yes we can in our own small way after all every tiny bit counts at the end. 

Domex has taken an initiative. 


You can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

So guys, do not wait, do not hesitate. All you need to do is click and spread the word. So that people do not have to defecate in the public. Thank you !!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Live it their way !!!

After a bad day attributing to bad health and bad mood, I decided to watch that special movie which I bought few weeks ago. I had chucked the idea desiring to read the novel first. Well reading hasn't been on my top list in the past few days. I am disappointed as I read just three novels in the past two months.. Owing to all the bad stuff happening with me, today seemed like a perfect day to watch this emotional, sensitive movie with a box of tissue papers as my alibi. Like I had predicted it escorted me in to a whole new level of emotions. Tears just didn't seem to listen while lips were twitching in an emotion mixed with sorrow, love and hope. The movie got over and tears drained off, albeit the sail in an ocean of elusive sensations didn't stop. I thought about the movie, life, love, almost about everything. There I knew, bad day, bad mood, bad health can't mess with me. Life is far more beautiful and thank god, I have that ultimate "okay" man in my life. 

So here is what "The fault in our stars" taught me :

1. How to love somebody without asking anything in return. There have been times when we want something more from our lives, something more from the person we love, be it money, looks, health and end up hurting them. Today when I saw two cancer patients loving each other so exceptionally in spite of knowing their deadly fate. Now you might say it all happens in a movie and I know, it happens in this so called mean life. I have seen wife or husband by the side of their spouses when they are hit by stroke, with a smile on their face just spreading joy and hope in the way possible. And I have asked myself many a times how can somebody be still hopeful (as I would know their better half would live like a vegetable for the rest of their life) and love that person without asking anything in return. I guess by believing in miracles, believing things will be all fine, believing their relationship can't be shaken by a mere disease. 

2. How to cherish life even when the clock is ticking. I normally advice my mother or anybody who is unhealthy to forget their pain or problem and smile and enjoy life. Whereas, when I have a headache I refuse to get up from bed. Imagine a person with a terminal cancer, with repeated hospitalizations, with no hope. But today, lead characters made me believe life smiles back at you only if you smile along. You may be sick, mentally or physically, but have the gut to smile and laugh at your life and remind yourself it could have been worse. May be, what we have today is the best we can get and so, we shouldn't lose it. Healthy or unhealthy, you have one life - Just live it in the best way possible. 

3. How to make a person smile. We are so stuck up in our lives, jobs, money minting that we forget how important it is to keep the other person happy. May be your husband, wife, children, parents, or friends just be there when they need you and share some smiles. Sometimes I wonder if life is really that complicated and calculative or are we on purpose walking towards hell. Can living our own lives with our own people be that difficult? Can't we all have some "we" time and laugh and may be drink some coffee together, share experiences and support each other? The more we make people around us  smile, our life becomes blissful as well. 

4. How to be strong. Strong doesn't mean physically but mentally as well. Lead actress takes in all the trouble to fulfill her final wish of meeting her favorite author irrespective of her bad health and doctor's strict advice. That needs a lot of courage. Well I am not saying we need to gather courage to fulfill our bucket list but to do anything in life. All it takes is that first step then we just start walking with the flow. Be it quitting your job to be a traveler or shifting your base to see the world or spending all the savings to start up a new business; at the end our dreams matter more and to achieve them we got to be strong and try and try until we actually succeed. 

5. How to let go. If I was that character, I would have never fallen in love with someone who is dying even if I am dying too. Because once they are gone, the excruciating pain wouldn't let me die in peace. So this is what we do. We run from situations as we can't let go of things. We can't let go for our past which haunts us, making us miserable. We can't let go of people who were once close to us. We can't even let go of things that were our favorites. But at times, it is best to just let go. Hoarding stuff in our hearts will only make our lives even more difficult. Hence, when the time is right we should let go of everything and start fresh with some old memories trying to build new ones. 

If you have not watched this movie may be it is time to pick up your copy (and trust me this movie is not for people who hate emotional genre or those who do not believe in love or who doesn't like to cry afterwards). 

PS: All images are downloaded from different sources via google. 

Forceful sex Vs. Rape !!!!

She was scared. She was never accustomed to roaming fearlessly once the dark had taken its control over lives. And in those days, when she was young and bright, women wandering in the streets were not even acceptable. Culture, they often tagged it. But she knew now the time has changed and women are much stronger than they were once. More than her, in that dark alley, she was concerned for her granddaughter with whom she had gone to the mall near by. As they lived close by, walking home with some grandma - granddaughter chit chat sounded more fun. Yet, in between the giggles and laughter, this 67 year old grandma's heart was pounding relentlessly, ears picking up every minute details and those blurring visions focusing harder than ever. After all, her granddaughter's safety was her responsibility. Something didn't seem right though. She felt they were being followed. Some foot steps which drew closer. Her gut told her to run. But she discarded owing it to her psychology. Few minutes later, they were circled by three men - healthy and strongly built. They had a devilish thirst in their eyes and these old eyes of grandma picked up their mental and physical desires quickly. She begged them to leave them alone. She begged them to leave her granddaughter alone. But their laughter grew louder. Finally, one man spoke,

"Auntyji, darte kyu ho? Aapki poti se humhe kya lena dena. Faltu me marna hai kya? Bus aap hamare sath chalo. Budhape me aap bhi aish karlo" (Aunty why are you scared? We have got nothing to do with your grand daughter. We do not want unnecessary risks. You just tag along and have fun with us).

She was devastated hearing this. Those boys were nearly half her age and she never thought a gang of boys would want to rape her. Having no choice and to protect her granddaughter, she obliged, silently with tears rolling over her eyes.

"Don't you feel ashamed in raping a woman of your mother's age" She asked angrily

"Rape? Who is raping you? We are just going to have forceful sex and thanks to Delhi High court judge's recent verdict forceful sex is not rape after menopause. Why do you think we picked your saggy skin over your granddaughter's? We just want to have some fun. And if we can escape punishment then an 80 year old woman will also do good".

Next day morning newspaper read "67 year old woman was a victim of forceful sex and found dead in Delhi. "

Of course, the forceful sex criminals were caught and left off as it was not rape. A week after that one more newspaper read "80 year old woman forcefully sex-ed to death".

I am pissed, irritated and hell, I have anger towards those judges who let a man walk in the name of menopause. Menopause is a process related to womanhood, uterus - it is simple biology man. How can you ignore that rape is not even remotely related to uterus. What about the traumatic mental harassment a woman goes through during rape? Will the judge say the same thing if one of his family members were the victim? Does woman have no identity of hers as a woman after menopause? How can you term rape (there is no doubt on that) as forceful sex? Tomorrow they might come up with new definitions : if hymen is already broken then its not rape, if the girl has not attained puberty then its not rape, if any of my relatives do it then its not rape, if ministers relatives do it then it is not rape, etc etc and we Indians are foolish enough to accept the nonsense nodding our weak head!!! That is not going to happen this time. This time we are all going to raise our voices, speak against the nonsense that's swallowing us and this is the beginning. Recently, a minister told, death penalty should not be sentenced to rapists as mistakes happen and they should be given another chance. Now, a high court judge says, raping an old woman is not rape at all. It is forceful but not forcible. I seriously do not know how to vent out my anger. If you guys agree with me then do raise your voice against this. Be it blogging, facebook or twitter show your contempt and let the judges know we don't take crap from anybody.

So, here I have started revolting against a meaningless verdict and hope you all will do the same. Do revolt and raise your voice against the crime or trust me when we reach the 60 milestone India won't be merciful on us.