Saturday, January 31, 2015

PERKS of having PIMPLES!!!

My dear girls (I love girls, being partial here),

I am very happy to get this space to introduce myself. People have many wrong notions about me, I am here to clear the air. Me and Shruthi cut a deal today. Awww I am going to miss her, but I have promised to stay away from her in exchange!!!

Let me introduce myself, I am Miss. Pimple and currently, enjoying all the attention I am getting. I don't know why people detest and call me a nightmare, but I am friendly and very social. Hence, I normally love to live amongst you.

They say, I am born out of hormonal imbalance, dandruff, oily skin, lack of nutrients, low haemoglobin and iron content, dust and pollution, but if you ask me it is your endless love that makes me pop out now and then, here and there. It is I who make you realize your importance, it is I who bring back your spirit towards fashion, it is I who motivate you to do better. But at the end of the day, you blame it all on me. You don't even realize the silent benefits of my presence in your life.

1. Parents are pushing you to get married??? Imagine I pay you a visit along with my relatives - some old, some perky, some painful, some pregnant. Then, no boy would come forward to marry you. I believe in eliminating problems from its roots!!!

Crying Forever Destiel animated GIF

2. Forget about marriage, we even come handy in judging your boy friend. The moment we start popping up on your beautiful skin, he will run away. Sour grapes!!!


3. Do you hate attending those boring wedding functions, naming ceremonies??? All you gotta do is show your face to your mother and thanks to us, she will decide to leave you at home. Now you can enjoy your shows in solitude and also, save money on the gifts. Peace!!!

depressed animated GIF

4. You also get added attention from family and friends. Questions/statements like "arrey beta, what happened??" "Oh god! what is wrong with my daughter's face??" "Oh! my poor baby" to "I will donate 100 coconuts in Siddhi Vinayak temple if her pimples go away" are heard often. You don't get this kind of attention even when you suffer from flu.

disney animated GIF

5. You are also, instantly, famous in college now. Guys who have never noticed you will start, because of me. The more I pop out with my relatives, better is the publicity you get. Enjoy the endless attention as now you are the talk of the town!!! "She has so many pimples that my eyes hurt when I look at her" could be some common statements. But don't you worry, they don't have any clue what they are missing out!!!

walking in on naked

6. Funny part is you get "free ka gyan" (aaj kal muft me kuch bhi nahi milta) - like apply haldi, apply neem, apply multani mitti, apply this lotion, apply this antibiotic cream, apply ghee, apply chandan like your face is an application board. But don't you enjoy experimenting with these and become an expert to start your own blog??? How cool is that now???

the talk from parents
7. And most importantly, people will suddenly start noticing your inner soul. You must have often heard them say - "Outer beauty is nothing compared to inner beauty", "you  are a pure soul and that's what matters at the end", "People will always comment, just ignore them as you know how good you are from the inside". Now tell me which girl doesn't like praises??? 

i am a golden god almost famous gif

8. Because of me, and only because of me you start spending some quality time with yourself in front of mirror. Otherwise, in this world of busy schedule and heavy work load and family responsibilities, women hardly get time for themselves. More and more I bulge out and start bursting like balloons on your skin, more and more you start spending time with yourself. Cribbing, may be, but still better than having no personal time at all!!!


9. I teach you acceptance in life. I teach you how to live with problems and how to deal with it. No matter how much you cry, sob, scream, I don't go away that easily. Eventually you will get a hang of me and start living with me. Patience, my dear friend, is a great lesson.

test animated GIF

10. This is the best part if you ask me!!! Whenever I pay you a visit, you get so annoying and grumpy that your husband starts fearing you. All your shopping bills will be sanctioned, your holidays will be approved, your sarcastic comments will be ignored and no questions will be asked. What more can you ask from me??? After all I am a tiny creature!!!

cat animated GIF

At least after this post, stop calling me as "problem" and start treating me like your buddy. Yeah, at times I do leave some marks on your face but that's more of a gift which you can cherish through out your life. 

Before I sign off, I need to make an official statement -

"Keep Garnier Pure Active Neem Facewash away from your face and enjoy the unlimited benefits of being with me!!!"

You can pinch me or poke hard
Or shed those precious tears like a retard
Haldi, Neem, chandan or expensive clean-up
Won't let you pose for a close-up

Then comes a storm of pus, pain and horror
with remedies based on trial and error
Now you can't step out, let alone with a boy
Well, that was anyway the intended ploy

"garnier pure active neem facewash" 
was the only way to kick me out
You grew lazy, sprawled on the sofa
Now, don't blame me when I bulge out

You saved your ninety bucks just right
and saved my life from the dark knight
I hope our bond becomes closer in here
and we shall never talk about "Garnier"!!!! 

Thank you

Yours lovingly and faithfully


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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Go sleek!

My husband wanted to buy me something. A gift! Surprises are not his cup of tea and like always he asked me prior what I wanted as a gift for Valentine's day. I am super bored with my laptop which I have been using for the past six years (after changing battery, charger, keypad) and hence, I decided to have a new laptop. Whereas my husband said I already have a laptop (which is still working) and so, I should get a tab for myself, which he can use as well (selfish!!!).  Ultimately, we decided on ASUS Eeebook X205TA which is more like an amalgamation of laptop and tablet. I was getting a new laptop/tab that too at a very reasonable price of 14,999.


So, why did I choose this gadget over others?
1. Price becomes a crucial factor while buying gadgets. I have paid around 40,000 for my current laptop and for the price that I have paid, I am obligated to use it for 5 to 6 years. And due to this, I can’t upgrade to newer ones. So, from here on I have decided to spend less and use for a year or two and every time some new gadget appeals to me I would have enough money to buy one.
2. ASUS EeeBook X205TA looks very chick and I loved the outer appeal of this product. Very sleek and stylish, I must admit.
3. It weighs under 1 kg and hence, very easy to carry while travelling. Now a days my backpack almost takes the cabin baggage limit. So, this new gadget will allow me to carry 6 more kgs with me.
4. 12 hours of battery life intrigued me the most. So, while travelling I can watch my favourite movies and work uninterrupted throughout my journey.
5. Being so light and compact, this product also offers 2 GB RAM with Atom Quad Core processor. Fascinating!!!
6. The added advantage of this product is, it comes with a one year subscription to Microsoft office along with 1 TB of online cloud storage. Now that is something different, isn't it?
7.  It also allows 500 GB of web storage and allows to synchronize data between all personal devices.
8. The Chiclet keyboard also adds as an additional factor for me to pick this product. I have a laptop with a traditional keypad design. A chiclet keyboard's keys are rectangular in shape with rounded edges as compared to the slanted edge keys featured in traditional keyboards. One main advantage to a chiclet keyboard is that with the keys having a slightly larger area, there's a smaller chance of hitting the wrong key. 

There were, however, two drawbacks :

1. The in built memory was too less. In this era of 500 GB minimum memory,  ASUS EeeBook X205TA provides only 32 GB inbuilt memory and expandable memory of 128 GB. So, it becomes essential to carry your external hard disk whenever you travel.
2. It comes with a 11.6” display which is quite small compared to what is available in the market today.

I would have appreciated it more, if the inbuilt memory was more and the display was bigger. However, apart from these two drawbacks I very much liked this product and asked my husband to buy this.

Well, I have written this post so that my husband reads it and decides to get this one as a valentine’s day gift J Indirect and modern and of course, creative ways of asking for gifts!! 

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Do you want to buy some cool ASUS products??? You can check these links :

And let me know guys which product appeals you the most!!! 

Come a bit closer!!!

He called her outside. She was busy at a college party wearing a slightly transparent cream top with denim. She looked hot and beautiful from every angle. Everyone in her college wanted to propose her; many did but failed miserably. Nobody could ever impress her, but yes, he had succeeded to a certain level. As for her, he was good looking and Punjabi, she always had a thing for the Punjabis, but she was not certain if it was love or something else like infatuation, crush. Whatever it was, she was sure about not falling for this guy or any guy and jeopardize her studies. She wanted to focus on  career and not love. 

She quickly typed him back " sorry, college fest. Can't come out"

He replied "If you don't come out I will come inside"

Now she was tensed. Least she wanted was her classmates to find out about this. She was scared and nervous. She decided to go out and meet him, just to send him away. 

When she walked down the stairs, she looked every bit of an angel he dreamt of. She was the one, he knew. And that evening he was going to ask her out on a date on Valentine's day. This is the first step, he thought!!! 

"What do you want?" she seemed furious

"If you wish we can talk here and be caught by your friends or hop on I will take you somewhere where nobody can find us"


She hardly knew this guy but admired his gut for asking her to take to a place "where nobody can find them"!!!

"Ok, I know a place and I will guide. You just ride." she blurted out being anxious. 

While sitting behind him, she realized he not only looked good, but also, smelled like a piece of heaven. She craved to keep her hand on his shoulders or may be, hug him. He was so attractive that she couldn't control herself. She slightly leaned over him in the pretext of talking to him and said, "this is not the route to the place I suggested. Are you by any chance kidnapping me?"

"May be. You will just have to wait and hey, you can lean on me and talk throughout the ride"

She blushed!!!

The place was called "Lover's point" and that evening, it looked entirely different. That barren dark place in the city was lit by floating battery lights and a table in the middle of nowhere was reserved for them. She was enchanted by the beauty he had created on this land - magical, enigmatic. She got down from his ride and sat on the chair, still mum, soaked in his charm. He brought a cake, which had "will you be my valentine for life" surrounded by candles and placed it on the table. She was shocked. This undoubtedly was the best proposal she ever got. However, she was too reluctant to be in any relationship. 

She silently walked near his bike and sat on it, confused, half-minded, dazed. He was torn between her silence and his curiosity. He was sure that this would work on her, but then he smiled as he knew she was different from many other girls. He walked up to her and sat behind her and leaned over and asked "What is the problem?". 

"I am confused. My heart says just go with the flow. Love him like you have never loved anybody and my mind says you hardly know him, what if he leaves you broken. I don't know what to do"

"I can help you to get an answer. Just close your eyes" and she did.

He slowly got down from his bike and looked at her beautiful yet naive face. He wanted that face, that girl to be his forever. Just going by his inner gut, he walked towards her, very close and kissed her lips. She was taken by surprise with a sudden thought "Oh my god! How can he smell so good?" and he was expecting to be slapped. 


Then he asked, "Things are clear now?" with a sweet smile on his face. She knew he had nailed it. She said "yes" and kissed him back passionately. 

"Hmmm, that means you will be my valentine" he asked again

"Hmm, let me think" She giggled and said yes, so loudly that the entire lover's point witnessed their beginning that evening. 


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Friday, January 23, 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!!

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Last month Sandy nominated me for "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" and I am still wondering if my blog can inspire others!!! Being this my first virtual award (hurray), I am touched by the fact Sandy nominated me as she is an incredible blogger.

* I am so sorry for the delay Sandy and looks like you have already got your second award before I responded to my first. Highly irresponsible on my part!!!!

So, the first task after receiving this award is of course to thank Sandy for nominating me and all those readers who take some time out of their routine to peek through my nonsense. Second task is to mention seven points about me (only seven???) and here it goes :

1. I am talkative, in fact garrulous. Blogging started as a by product of talking!!! I talk endlessly with family, friends (ah! the crazy phone bills) and of course with my husband so much that I don't let him talk. Never!!! And when nobody is around I talk to myself, sometimes arguing and sometimes role playing (I have done many interviews of superstars so far!!!). And when I am bored with that, I open my laptop and blog, loudly spelling out words. Gosh, why can't my vocal cords rest???

2. I am emotional and weepy. An extra word in a sentence by my husband makes me weep. An extra tear in movies makes me weep. Tailless dogs makes me weep and homeless beggars make me weep. Difficult to drape saree makes me weep and burnt sambhar makes me weep. I am a big time weeper. My husband still wonders how can I store so much liquid in me!!!

3. I am a fashion disaster. I hate shopping, make up and accessories. I can't understand "what goes with what" concept and end up dressing like a nun. If Sonam Kapoor ever spots me, she is going to burn me alive and send me to hell!!

4. I am colour blind. Women are meant to identify many colours but I can only identify basics with clear distinction. If you talk about beige, peach, magenta, sorry to hurt your feelings, I will walk away.

5. I am a sleepyhead. I sleep all the time. In college, I slept during classes, in between classes, during lunch break and definitely at night. I need proper undisturbed 8 hours sleep in the night and some short sleep sessions during day time. If I don't have anything important to do, I can sleep all day and dream. Not sure if I enjoy sleep more or dreaming!!!

6. I am forever hungry. I live to eat. Some may call me foodie but I am not. I don't experiment with my food. I like my usual crap but at regular intervals. The same old Indian food tickles my taste buds. So far I have never tasted Italian,  Mexican or real Chinese (except Manchurian prepared by Indian chefs with tadka). I don't want to take the risk of eating wrong food and being hungry for some more time.

7. Most importantly, I am a women with principles. After a phase of wrong decisions (which I am not proud of) and endless mistakes (again not proud) I have reached a phase in life where I am applying my learnings in to real life. I make sure never to bend my principles and stick to it no matter what. After all when people point finger at my mistakes, I can happily say "it is because of my mistakes I am here today" or "I am what I am today because of my learnings in the past" and flaunt how lucky I am to have committed them!!!

So, here are seven exclusive points about me. And now I take the privilege to nominate few bloggers who have inspired me to write more. A big thank you to all you guys for your encouragement -


So, looks like my work is done here!!! Happy writing guys and everybody say a big "thank you" to me before you begin :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Secret agent Mr. Litterbug!!!


With Swachch Bharat Abhiyan making the headlines, Litterbug was shivering!!! It felt like a female anopheles without malaria parasite. "What do I now??? I have been thrown out of many countries, but India has never let me down. But if the people of India develop a strong head towards sanitation, my bite won't affect them. I will definitely visit Siddhi Vinayak temple if they don't grow immune to me" Litterbug prayed heartily. 


Litterbug was born out of humans centuries ago and if somebody asks its age, it has no idea. It has been living for ages, sincerely corrupting those minds which are already corrupt. Its favourite hobby is to inspire people to litter so that all its distant relatives can be born and their family tree further nurtures. For doing this noble cause, Litterbug has been awarded many a times in the past but now it is scared. Especially, with all this celebrity attention the campaign is getting, it is sure to become a hit and in generations to come people will grow immune towards Litterbug and poor bug would be court-martialed. 


Right when the bug was having a cerebral-vascular accident, a man saved its hope by spitting right in front of it. Ah, Indians!!! "Indians are large at heart and they won't crush my dreams and future just for some campaign. More over Indians are born lazy and hence, my effect lasts longer on them. Looks like my work isn't going to be any difficult after all" Litterbug was definitely hopeful. It decided to relax its mind (or maybe take its mind off Mr. Modi) and take a city stroll. 


The same garbage cans overflowing with dump and dogs climbing it like Mount Everest, the same old modern art on the walls by tobacco chewers, the same old cow dung to human faeces on alleys, the same old quarrels about men spitting from buses over bike riders, the same old humans throwing banana peels, chocolate wraps, Pepsi cans, the same old ladies throwing water into roads from balconies, the same old saga of littering. Litterbug felt alive, literally. 



Once the Litterbug had inspected the current situation, it relaxed and murmured, "No Modi or Bachchan can suck my effect from people's blood. The world is worried about Ebola, but nobody has the slightest clue of my existence. I am far more dangerous and by poisoning slowly, I will be the cause for this world to end. The world belonged to us before it decided to install humans. And now, they have planted me back in here to eradicate humans from our world and rule once again. Let them quarrel with each other over boundaries and religion, meanwhile I will slowly work towards my noble cause and snatch this world from them. No doubt I will be qualified for a Noble Prize in near future" Litterbug guffawed


Then, the Litterbug flew up to the tree top and smirked at humans with pride, day dreaming about Nobel Prize. 

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What do I call him now????

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I have a question and I believe it is very much valid. However, my mom will definitely get a mild heart attack after reading this post. Speaking of mom, now a days she has become very secretive with me with a fear of me writing everything on my blog. She has strictly instructed my dad not to speak about anything which would cause me any harm, for example, Taliban shoots me like Malala. Yeah, I let her live in the fantasy of her daughter being a famous blogger having thousands of readers!!! 

Coming back to the topic, here is my question - "why can't women call their husband as "husband" "pati" "ganda गंडा  (in Kannada)" ????". 

As per our age old tradition, husbands were treated equal to god and often tagged as Pati Parameshwar. Time changed and nobody referred to their husbands as Parameshwar but were still forced to use some vague calling names like eji, oji, sunte ho, and some funny ones like pappu ke papaji, guddi ke chachaji, to andre (in Kannada.. don't ask me what that means, I have no clue!!!). Then the modern breeze hits the town making couples call each other by names, and some pet names like Shash for Shashank, Shush for Shushant etc etc which was also accompanied by Darling, sweetheart, honey, janu out in the open making our elders eyeball pop out of its socket. 

After my marriage, paying utmost respect to my parents, I called my husband by name which in fact was opposed and criticized by my family. Statements like "how can she call her husband by name? So what happened if they are of the same age? Doesn't she know husbands are always to be respected and calling him by his name is insulting the relationship they share?". Honestly, I ignored these statements, but when I couldn't my husband come in to my rescue, announcing, he will never respond to me if I don't call him by his name. Storm abated!!!

The already intense situation intensified when I called him "Ganda" which means husband in Kannada. I respect my parents the most and when I can call them "appa" and "amma" and in fact when we address every relationship in this manner I couldn't understand the problem in calling him "ganda". My parents were utterly worried, they might as well have questioned their upbringing. Mother told me strictly not to address him as "ganda" in front of our family members and in-laws. I abided!!!

Still I can't wonder why I can't call him "ganda" -

1. I am not calling him by his name
2. When I call my dad "Appa" it is paying him respect, then how calling "ganda" becomes disrespectful?
3. Most importantly, my husband doesn't have issues with it and he finds it rather cute

Does anybody have any opinion about this ??? We can call our husbands by name or darling or sweetheart or any kinship words, but not as "husband" "ganda" etc. I still do not understand the moral obligations, if anybody has any better answer please do share... 

P.S - All images are downloaded from various sources via google. Don't sue me!!!