Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sleep peacefully!!!

I don’t have kids. I don’t have any in hand experience, but have seen the plight of many mothers whose children don't sleep at night. May be after seeing their situation, I am scared of having a baby!!! The most important thing in this world for me is sleep. I still can’t understand how somebody can compromise on their sleep to have a child. “Once you have a child, you will get the hang of it” is what my friends often tell me, yet, every day I pray to god to give me a child, who like me, loves to sleep all night (and all day if given a chance) and wake up as a happy dancing baby like the baby in this video!!!

My friend, I must add best friend here, who suffered a lot during the initial few years after delivery. She would look exhausted in the mornings and very tired. Her problem increased once her baby boy was six months old. He wouldn't sleep till 12 am and woke up for every two hours. He would sleep during the day, be lethargic. And by evening all his activities would begin. She was worried and even I was, after observing how quickly she was reducing weight. Singing lullaby and telling stories were tried, but there was no difference in the sleeping time table.

 After a lot of discussion and planning, this is what she decided to do:

His bed time ritual started in the evening itself. As he would play more in the evening, she would sit with him and play along. She would engage him in a variety of activities. And when he would get tired, she would push him to play more. The idea was to get him so tired  that he would sleep immediately once on the bed. Adding to this, she started cutting down his afternoon bed time. In the evening, he would be extremely drowsy but she wouldn't let him sleep. I have seen the boy dozing off while playing. The plan was working and her baby boy started sleeping for more hours in the night and catching up with the normal routine.

The regulars were also followed like a hot water bath before sleeping, applying some talcum powder, changing into comfortable clothes and of course, putting him in a diaper.  And yes, the baby started sleeping for more hours and comfortably. Our mission “make the baby sleep” was successful!!!

My one more friend also has a baby boy, but she has never faced any problem owing to his sleep. He would sleep undisturbed all night and wake up fresh in the morning. Nothing “extra” was needed to be done!!! Some lullaby, mother’s warmth, milk and the right diaper were sufficient for the boy. But some children have a lot of problem sleeping in the night and god bless their parents!!! When I asked my father, he said my mother normally sang a lullaby while making me sleep in a cradle made of a saree and without any issues I would sleep peacefully all night long. I hope my future kids also follow me!!!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The bucket list!!!

Life can get complicated, tangled or smooth as silk. But on this journey everybody gets their share of trouble. It may be losing someone, financial crisis or if our luck is bad then it is both!!! We, Indians have a different approach towards life. We don't live in today, but we live for tomorrow. Indians are working all over the world, as we go out of our comfort zone to make money so that our future is secure and comfortable. Funny part is, even my father who is 63 years old doesn't want to spend money now but save for his future. This future worries us and till we die, literally till the last day, we would be compromising on our desires to save for the future.

Dreams and aspirations differ with individuals. If my brother becomes wealthy overnight, he would still start up a business pursuing his ambition. If my sister becomes wealthy overnight, she would start her own garment factory. If dad becomes wealthy overnight, he would buy me a house and ask me to move back to Bangalore. If my father-in-law becomes wealthy overnight, he would buy shares and land and invest that money wisely. So, every person's dream is different. Their idea is different. But becoming wealthy overnight will not give us a tension free life or satisfaction. We still want to work hard, earn our own money, enjoy our success and make our future secure.

Now becoming filthy rich overnight is not going to happen. Hence, me and my husband made a pact that we will work hard, save for the future, but unlike our parents and relatives, we will not compromise on the present. We have made of list of activities we want to do before we are old and gold. But fulfilling this is not so easy as money and time becomes a major constraint. If I have been given fifty years off  from my normal life, with sufficient money without having to think about the past, present or future, this is what I would do:

1. I would go on a world tour. Travelling has always been my passion. Even after marriage, we make sure to go on trips, but if it is allowed I would go on trips every weekend!!! I love to take long vacations which never happens due to money problems as we would have to quit our present jobs to take such long vacations. Me and my backpack would want to visit every country, every province in the world except Iraq and Syria and oh! Now Libya too!!!!

2. It is not only about going on world tours, but living in those places and learning their way of life. May be take some low pay jobs, work in a restaurant, meet new people and have interesting conversations with them. Make new friends in every city and not be so serious about life. It was always about studying hard, getting  a good job, earning money and saving them!!! What happens if I just take a low paying job and live in the present like people in the USA do? This is exactly what I would do. Explore life in each of the countries I visit.

3. Now that I am in these countries then I would want to try out all the adventurous activities like canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, Canyoning, rock climbing, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving and many more!!!  

4. I would want to focus more on my writing. I am a not great writer to earn my living out of it, but it is something which gives me immense happiness. I stopped writing for a few websites as it was difficult to manage with my full time job. May be once life is not about money and time and job, I would want to write about my travel and give more time to my blog. May be some day, I want to write a novel and for that to happen, I need to spend a lot of time in learning and improving myself. 

5. I want to have as many romantic days as possible with my husband. We were always in a long distance relationship and even after marriage things did not change as he keeps travelling because of work. Sometimes I wish he was in a different job, but changing job means lesser pay and insecure future. If future is secure and we have enough money, I would want to spend every single day with my husband. Be it travelling or adventurous activities or being a waitress, I want every day spent with my husband. After all, love suffers the most in this race towards money!!! 

Wow!!! I am so happy thinking about all this. I wish I wouldn't have to worry about money, future, jobs. I don't know if life is really so complicated or we make it. Why can't I just live my life fulfilling my dreams and enjoy every single moment and die peacefully? Why can't I spend my salary buying gadgets or eating or travelling? But like my dad always says, "Plan now and be tension free or else when you are old and have no money, Indian government won't bear your expenses". Hopefully, some day I will save enough money for the future and start exploring life. 

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The tale of a compass!!!

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Once again, there was a fight. This time I had done something big. And at that tender age, I was fearless. So, this is what had happened.

I was four years old or may be, three and a half. My mother, a teacher by profession, taught the first standard children and I attended the same school for play school. My play school would normally get over by lunch time, after which I would wander around my mother's classes. I would normally sit in first standard and attend the lessons. I was happy that I was the youngest and also, a teacher's kid!!! Only a teacher's kid would understand the perks of being one. I would attend their board meetings and eat free samosas. Trust me, my mother never took me along, but it was the headmaster who, out of his unconditional love always had me on board. I was a chatterbox, even back then and not so surprised, everybody used to love me except my mother!!!! You can say, I was the popular kid in school. 

One afternoon, like always I was sitting in first standard class whereas, my mother had to monitor second standard as their class teacher was on leave. I felt responsible. I realized my duties being a teacher's kid. I realized being a teacher's kid also came with certain tasks apart from eating samosas. So, a three and a half year old child decided to monitor six year old children. It may sound funny now, but only I could have done that. Teacher's kid and headmaster's pet. 

I stood near the blackboard and instructed the class to be silent. I told them they are forced to listen to me. I shouted. I screamed. But nobody even looked at me. Everybody kept talking and screaming and making too much of noise. How could I have let that happen in my mother's classroom? I told them repeatedly that students will be punished if they continue to talk. Once again, nobody took me seriously. I decided to teach all the kids a lesson, which they can remember throughout their lives. 

Nothing much, I found a compass in the first bench. I used the needle to poke (very gently) some of the talkative children's buttocks. Yeah, the needle was slightly thick and kids started bleeding and then there was more crying. Helpless, disappointed I stood there till my mother came back to the classroom to find four children bleeding from their buttocks. Then, the beginning of my end began. 

I was holding the weapon of the crime in my hand, which my mother threw it into the pond opposite my school (she wasn't trying to save my "buttocks" but only out of temper). I was dragged out of the school, beaten continuously and I kept screaming "I was only helping you". Of course, the next day children's parents visited the school and my mother literally had to bow down and apologize. Well, that evening I remember my mother pushing me in front of our regular bus saying "it is better you die" (thank god driver braked) and she specifically told the bus conductor not allow me to board the bus (thank god, he let me travel free of cost). After all the drama and heroic acts, I reached home in tears and was beaten some more only to be protected by my father (no matter what I did, he was on my team and he still is!!!). 

It's been so many years now, but I still remember the blood-clad compass!!! Just after one year of this incident, I lost my mother. If she was alive, I am sure she would have never let me carry a compass, ever!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My new Valentine!!!!

"For me, every day is Valentine's day!!!"

 I guess, wives satisfy themselves by this famous quote when they don't get to celebrate valentine's day. Unromantic husband/boy friend or hectic job schedule or endless travelling, might not allow you to enjoy a day, which the whole world believes to be an auspicious day for Lovers!!! If you ask me, I fall under all the categories above - unromantic husband: check, hectic job schedule (not mine, but his): check, constant travelling (it's him again): check and I have one more interesting fact to add - living in KSA: Oh damn!!!!

Since I began dating him, I have never celebrated Valentine's day. Why? Because he doesn't believe in it. Because he was out of India. Because I was stuck inside a house unable to organize anything. Because my life is in a mess!!!! Having forced to live separately and alone, I have found my peace in solitude. I enjoy being alone. I enjoy my routine. I enjoy watching movies/series all alone. I enjoy singing songs and dancing like nobody is watching (nobody would be watching anyway). Recently, I began to enjoy this "me time" and after watching the ASUS zenfone advertisement I have realized I am the best gift to myself. 

Here are my few realizations why ASUS zenfone is a better Valentine for life, than my husband (I am sure he is going to shoot me for this)

1.      Now a days husbands (universally) are so preoccupied in work they don’t even have time to appreciate their wives. I mean, we spend so much time decorating ourselves, glued to the mirror, just to hear “you look beautiful” but nah, that won’t happen any time soon. “If I start wasting time, who will pay for your cosmetics and clothes?” would be their response, when we interrogate.  Time is wasted, peace is lost and outcome of all the hassle is a big fight!!! I have decided to stop whining about all this. Just click a selfie and admire your beauty and if you want more, upload your picture instantly on facebook, instagram and viola, so many comments!!!! ASUS zenfone let's me upload hassle free and I always look beautiful through its lenses!!!

Image result for I am beautiful

2.      Then there is this usual complaint which I am forced to listen.

“Seriously, how much do you talk? Don’t you ever get tired?”
“Stop repeating the same thing again and again”
“I am bored now. Can we change the topic?”

And this is my favourite –
“You always explain way too much. I understood it long back”

Hence, I have decided to talk less and make him realize the value of my speech!!! But so far, looks like he is enjoying and getting comfortable with the silence. I was not, however.

So, obviously once again ASUS zenfone scores here as it lets me talk endlessly with increased battery life and good streaming for video calling!!!

Illustration of a Woman Talking Endlessly - stock vector

3.      ASUS zenfone lets me live tension free!!! Wherever my husband is, I contact him through skype or message or call and I would breathe when I know, he is just fine!!! After all, a woman's heart!!!! 

No Love No Tension 240x320 freedom love

4.      Through ASUS zenfone I am connected to the outer world. People wish me on Valentine’s day or birthdays even when my husband forgets to do so. Some even send me surprise gifts and more than anything, in spite of being in a deserted land of KSA, I can send home gifts and wish them!!!

STAY CONNECTED: According to the latest figures, 1 in 27 people in the world have a Linkedin account.

5.      But the most important reason why ASUS zenfone is a better valentine because it never leaves my side. Whenever I am sad, I click a selfie or record a song or play some loud music and enjoy the evening. Even though I am alone, it never lets me be one.

So, it is official that I am living in a “mobile” world, always travelling and on most days away from my husband. There are no second guesses that ASUS zenfone is my valentine for life making me feel alive every day and special, of course!!! 

*** This entire post is fictional. Any resembles to any character, alive or dead, is purely coincidental. My husband is the sweetest husband (I do not want to jeopardize my monthly pocket money for flipkart vouchers) and I do not own ASUS zenfone (it would be nice if they decide to gift me one). 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reliving Sholay!!!

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Happy Valentine's day guys!!!!

This is my first valentine's day after marriage. Theoretically, the second one but first time having my husband beside me. So, what's valentine's day special if you ask me, I must say Sholay!!! Being in a deserted Land of KSA, having no option of giving any surprises, my husband unromantically not believing in Valentine's day, we decided to celebrate it by watching Sholay. A Bollywood movie which is famous for its dialogues and Gabbar Singh, of course. Having watched this movie like zillion times, knowing every dialogue by-heart I still decided to watch it along with my husband as he has not watched this movie. Hence, its a Sholay day for the couple !!!!

Every time I watch Sholay, my heart is filled with so much joy and happiness that I wonder what makes Sholay so different from other Bollywood movies. Here are my observations which makes Sholay, a classic -

1. Characterization of every individual is distinct, humorous and unique. May be Gabbar's husky voice and perky laughter or Veeru's flirtatious nature or Thakur's nasal voice (Am I the only one to feel that?) or Jai's serious yet funny attitude or Basanti's high pitched "dehati" style. 

Basanti - Tangewalli in Sholay

2. Sholay is known for its dialogues. For every five minutes, there is a missile of great dialogues being launched. Even dialogues like "Itna sannata kyu hai bhai" creates a special place in your heart. 

"Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?"

"Kitne aadmi the?"

"Are oh Sambha, Ye Ramgarhwale apni bahu betiyon ko kaun Chakki ka pisa aata khilate hai re?. Thaari ke hath paun to Dekh! bahut karare hai saale"

"Yeh hath hum ko de de Thakur"

"Arre O Saambha... kitna inaam rakkhe hai sarkaar ham par?"

"Basanti in kutto ke samne mat nachna"

are definitely some of the famous dialogues which makes Sholay a special movie by itself. 

Basanti inn kutton ke samne maatt nachna - Sholay

3. Bollywood has never seen a villain like Gabbar. It is not about the heroes but the villain who makes Sholay different. A villain who cracks jokes and fires awesome dialogues (who made Sambha, Kaliya famous) and kills people after making them laugh their heart out, no doubt deserves an applaud. 

when ur ex gf marries a guy more poor n uglier than u

4. Sholay also portrays two different, silent and loud, love stories. I just love the chemistry between Veeru and Basanti, and Jai and Radha. If one couple doesn't get tired of teasing each other, the other couple defines relationship on mutual respect. No wonder they are married to each other in real life!!!

5. And of course, how can we forget the action sequences of Sholay. I enjoy the 70's Bollywood action style. The funny part of the movie is, when Thakur's entire family is being killed nobody is hurt, nobody is bleeding but they are shot and they all die!!!! I know it kind of sounds silly, nonetheless, these moments bring out the Bollywood essence which we cherish!!!!.


6. Who can forget the songs of sholay??? Be it Helen's mehbooba o mehbooba or yeh dosti or mein nachungi or the famous Holi song. Emotions and masala rightly weighed and mixed!!!


7. Heart touching friendship of Jai and Veeru has become the basis of many movies in Bollywood since then. 

this has nothing to do with birthdays i just really love sholay

I still enjoy watching Sholay and wouldn't mind spending my Valentine's day on it. 

How many of you are Sholay fans here???? 

P.S : All the gifs are downloaded from various sources via google.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Let me first begin with my Quikr experience.

I have bought and sold stuff through Let me start with my "selling experience" -

Last year may was quite hot in Manipal. Hence, peaceful sleep at night became a myth. We (me and my husband) tossed around, unable to sleep all night and feeling sticky with dripping sweat made us puke. We just wanted to escape from the heat. There was a small problem, we were staying in my parent's house. We couldn't buy an AC as my dad wouldn't allow for us to pay and we were not comfortable in making him spend so much money just for one week's comfort. So, we pushed ourselves but gave up at the end. Finally, we visited a nearby store and after about an hour's discussion we decided to not buy air conditioner but an air cooler for 7,000 rupees. It was a reasonable deal for us. However, our joy significantly reduced in the night, when air cooler couldn't help us from sweating!!!! And next day, my dad bought a new air conditioner without accepting our money!!!

We were left with a brand new air cooler with absolutely no use of it. I clicked few pictures and uploaded it on That was my experience with quikr. I wasn't sure if people actually buy it through quikr or not!!! I gave my dad's mobile number (just to be on a safer side) and husband's email id. Then people started calling us, emailing us and finally after ten days we sold it for 6,000 rupees. We were all happy by the end!!!

Now let me tell you my "buying experience" -

During my air cooler selling process, I came across a guy who was selling some good collection of books. I decided to buy some James Bond series and contacted him through my dad's phone. Once again, I wasn't comfortable in sharing my number. There were few pictures on quikr which were not very clear. I was doubtful about the condition of books. My husband told me I should give it a try as I wasn't paying a huge amount. I had to call this guy frequently and discuss and then, finally I decided to buy them. Once again, quikr made my day, as the books were in good condition and definitely, worth the money I paid. 

What were the problems faced during my buying and selling phase?

1. I had to call people and spend my money on it!!! 

2. I wanted to see more pictures of the product. But I couldn't do it as my dad's phone doesn't have whatsapp and I was not comfortable in giving my number

3. I was scared that the person might not courier books at all after the bank transaction. He is from Bangalore and I had transferred the money to his account even before I got my books. Well, that was the risk I had to take.

4. During selling, I wasn't comfortable in talking to strangers. I was scared that once they hear a female voice they might just start calling over and over again to trouble me. 

Why I think chatting is more preferable than calling -

1. All my messages would be stored and nobody can back stab me now!!! Once the final amount is decided, nobody can take a step back saying they never said so!!!

2. During buying, I wanted to see more pictures of the product. Now they can share as many pictures as I need through Quikr NXT and I can be sure if to buy the product or not.

3. It is awesome for people like me who are not comfortable in talking to strangers. Only through chatting, pressing few buttons on key board a deal can be confirmed!!!

4. Once we post an advertisement (especially when we are desperate to sell them) we make a point to pick up calls from unknown numbers even while driving. At least I did!!! With the chatting facility on board, I can chat with people at my own convenience and I definitely need not get hyper whenever phone rings.

5. Of course, chatting even in other situations saves a lot of money. Before all these chatting applications, my phone bill used to be very high. Now they are under control. I guess, nobody wants to spend money on calling strangers. So, chatting definitely gets an upper hand here. 

No doubt, our next destination is Quikr NXT. NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR!!!!

If you want to buy or sell anything (except your wives/husbands!!!) or want to try out their new chatting application, please click the link given below: