Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Porcelanosa surprise !!!!

She was quite upset with her husband. After all, he did not consult her in hand before venturing in to designing her dream house as a birthday present. She was there from the start. From the planning to construction to making sure every brick was in its place. But her favourite part, interior designing was stolen away from her by her husband. How much do men know about these, she wondered. Whatever it was she was fuming and she was not ready to step inside her dream house even alongside a persistent husband.

"If I don't like it, I am going to redo everything" She thundered.

"OK baby. As you wish but at least see what I have done" the poor husband begged.

When she walked inside, that house was no longer her dream house. It was like a magic land. Her husband had indeed done a great job. She couldn't believe her eyes that her house, her baby house, looked so beautiful. Every tile on the floor and wall reflected her happiness. Those porcelain couldn't hide the surprise mixed with happiness on her face. Her favourite part of the house, Kitchen, was glowing with the best kitchen interiors and some fancy taps and dining table. She rushed to the bedroom to find a new world out there. The wardrobes and dressing rooms were at a completely new level. The sleek and stylish furniture made her heart give away and she looked at her husband and smiled.

Cemento Silver 59,6 x 59,6 cm

Trafic Cemento Caliza 59,6 x 59,6 cm

Quattro Avenue White

Foc Roble Hueso / Lino Habana Textil

G590 Gris Claro Brillo / Roble Humo Vintage

Curve Roble Blanco Cal



Modul @ K
"You have created magic here. I mean, I would have never done something like this. How did you even do it?"

"It is not over yet, let's go to the bathroom" he smiled in return

The bathtub, bathroom furniture, basins, rain shower and even the shower curtains were exquisite.  She thought she would faint then and there. She just asked, "how?"

and he said "Porcelanosa".

A word she had never heard before... "what now you are learning Spanish?" she laughed.

"Well no baby. But our house is a little bit of Spain in its own way. Porcelanosa is from Valencia, Spain and our house looks this stylish as every bit of Porcelanosa is incorporated here. And Porcelanosa has ventured in to Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil developers ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving. Come here, this is their catalogue, have a look".

Now, what he did not expect happened. His wife was extremely angry. She started yelling at him,

"This is why you should have consulted me. Why did you pick porcelain tiles, why not natural stone may be granite. That would make it Indian yet stylish. Why did you choose natural stone for the wall, why not STON-KER. I mean, look at them they are so stylish and look at those designs. I don't know what is wrong with you. With these range of products, you could have created not magic land but heaven on earth." She stormed out.

He had learnt his lesson, let the women decorate and men pay bills. He silently walked out cursing about showing the catalogue.

Now if you guys want to see the catalogue, do visit their website :  http://www.24kliving.com/ and do take your wives advice before furnishing your house.