Wednesday, April 9, 2014

She stank, and so did exams!!!

Our batch of 19 had faced this major crisis thrice in a year and that too, for five long years. Everybody prayed before exams, everybody got scared, conscious and the lack of sleep made us delusional. But the moment we entered the examination hall, all our senses were pulled back to reality and we prayed endlessly so that we don't get seated next to this stinking girl. Yes! specifically she stank during exam period. It had become a routine ritual for us and a very dreadful experience for that lucky person who got to sit next to her. Though, she being our classmate nobody ever had the gut to open up to her with a feeling of not hurting her emotions or superstitions. Our exams were royally screwed (especially for her bench-mate) due to nausea, headache and surging instinct of killing her.

So, when a gal who is clean all through the year starts stinking only during exams we had hypothesized a theory as an explanation. Being the hard working, studious soul she was, we were sure, she thought of not wasting her time by taking bath and of course, her lucky dress, which she wore all through the exams fearing she might fail if she got out of it. Sometimes, it even occurred to me as a great plan to kill your competitor. We couldn't complain it to authorities or even, her. Silently we all suffered for five long years inhaling her sweat smell, her body odour and all sorts of other smell, which left her body only to feel our nose. I would have preferred a garbage area as examination hall, which might have reduced her effect. It was torturous! Thanks to her, we hardly got scared of exams but the entire examination process, we loathed from the bottom of our hearts. Even today when I think of it I run towards washroom only wishing, had I asked her "what's the smell boss?"

Message to be taken : Study hard, do well in life but for god's sake DO TAKE BATH. If you don't, then you are a culprit for killing others peace of mind, happiness and of course, their NOSE!!!

This entry is written for RACOLD- reborn everyday with hot water.

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Get inspired to take bath everyday, be it exams or death sentence, you have no right to kill others : you tube video "what's the smell boss?"

Take hot water bath everyday and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.