Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My mom's experiment and experience with the new moto E

Smartphones have made us smarter!!! 

Before the age of smartphones, I normally slept during travel. But now, I watch movies, listen to music and even blog while travelling. I am not wasting a single minute of my life because of this smart invention. It maybe about using a dictionary or finding a recipe or getting the right lyrics, everything is at our fingertips. I still remember those days when I got my first smartphone. I couldn't sleep at all. I kept on looking at the mobile screen, playing endless games and exploring different options. Maybe our generation is smarter than our parents when it comes to technology. Nobody ever taught me how to operate a smartphone, but when it comes to my mom, I taught her everything including how to swipe. 

I recently gifted my mother moto E. This is her first smartphone which she insisted on buying. So, I thought of surprising her with this new phone. I thought once she got the phone, she would be extremely happy and she was happy, until she realized how difficult it was to operate. She couldn't even swipe properly and unlocking the phone was a bigger task for her. I couldn't stop laughing at her plight, but poor my mom, who struggled very hard but never gave up. It felt like teaching A B C D for kindergarten kids. I had to start everything from the scratch and teach her even the simplest things. When she finally started operating the mobile phone, I felt like a proud mom myself!!!! 

If you think, buying a new smartphone for your mom is an easy task, then the answer is no!!!! This is what happened with me...

Once I taught her how to unlock and use the phone, her questions seemed to never end.

But then the final blast came from my father.

No matter how many questions she asked, no matter how many times she pressed the wrong button, no matter how many times she called and troubled me with stupid queries, I am very proud of her. She behaves like a teenager when she is using her phone - excited, happy and full of energy. I never thought she would get so involved. 

Now she downloads her favourite songs, uses facebook, whatsapp without any trouble, googles her favorite song's lyrics and even tries out new applications. I might eventually forget my first smartphone experience but will never forget my mom's. Answering her endless questions, that too over a phone call, is hell of a task!!!!

I am happy that I chose to start her smartphone experience with moto E, which has taken a few falls from her, and endless rough tapping on the screen, and also, gave her enough battery life to experiment with the phone. So, thank you, new moto E for, making my mom technologically modern and standing by her side during this new phase of her life!!!!

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