Monday, May 5, 2014


It pulled me, dragged me and tangled me
It took me for granted
It strangled me often, with eyes open and smiling in
I fought back, I did hopelessly
Tears rolling down, repentance starting to stagger
The depression was over though, short while
Something else filled my blood now
Something so cold yet, boiling strong
Fencing an invisible cage
I swear, I did try to break out
Yesterday, that day and even today
It is about its aura, spreading around me
Not letting me go
Making me so slow
Weak, tired and timid
Now once again, I see hope
I don't know but somehow
Like I did yesterday, that day
But I know, I won't win, I lose
Cage is strong and I feel guilty
For taking shelter here, which had no exit
I was sad then, but so much alive
Today, I feel nothing
No fear, No anger, No sorrow
No happiness, either
I feel nothing apart from my hollow soul
I feel, no matter how hard I try
I have knocked the door of my death