Friday, March 28, 2014

Him Vs. Him....

                    Well not to panic as am not comparing my husband with my friend’s husband or a neighbor’s.  Yes I would find complete satisfaction while performing such an act as all women are born to feel glorious victory in doing so. Comparison runs in our veins; if furniture has to be beautiful then it has to be better compared to something we saw in somebody’s house or else it gets rejected instantly. Forget about the furniture; in arranged marriages girls define smartness taking her friend’s handsome looking husband in to consideration. So yes it is proved no matter how much we hate it or love it we just can’t stop our brain from subconsciously comparing stuffs. Sometimes it turns out to be bliss when our I-don’t-care-about-money husband spends lavishly on shopping without evening comparing prices across stores. They may call this as tedious but we say saving money for personal shopping! So when comparison is embracing our entire system like Facebook on youth, I found it irresistible to compare one ex chap with the new chap.  Well we had named the ex-chap as puttu and hence, I knew I had to name the new chap as tuppu since I call him the reverse breed.  Though they are local cats with made in India stamp on it (I have seen how girls drool over Persian cats) I have always had a special regard for both. Tuppu is only two months old and as he is growing up exhibiting various shades or I say true colours -which were hardly noticed in the initial days as he was so tiny, timid and terror stricken hissing like a snake at our very attempt to touch- I have realized how different he is from Puttu. 

                 Physically, they both share different colours, which was the main reason we chose Tuppu in the first place to avoid being reminded of Puttu who had died out of small intestine infection. I seriously, till today wonder how my little charming Puttu had got an infection which was lethal and we never even got a hint of it until his final days. It still makes me sad thinking about it. Puttu had a smaller built compared to most of the male cats with orange colour patches scattered here and there as if god had hastily whirled the paint brush around him. God never wanted to show his poor painting skills so he took his time and patience to beautifully paint Tuppu making his ears and head grey and even his tail, rest of the body part as white as milk with large ears like Dobby, the elf from Harry Potter series.

Don't I look cute??? Puttu here...

I own this chair!!! Tuppu here...

                When Puttu first arrived in our house he was overly friendly jumping around, drinking milk happily making bonds with everyone as he knew he was here to stay where as Tuppu did quite the opposite as he was a rebellion. The moment we had got Tuppu home, he instantly made his mind about not staying in this house and jumped out the car and ran away, just a month old kitten. When all our attempts went in vain, especially after dad getting bitten by him we decided to leave him outside the house only to find him inside the bonnet of our car next morning (God knows how he crawled up inside the bonnet). His wails did not let us sleep for a week and when we saw him going on a hunger strike we thought of dropping him back to his mother. However, somehow after wooing him for few days, finally Tuppu gave his approval on staying in our house.

This is where I sleep!!!

Am happy on the Cushions!!
                          Puttu detested food even if it was in front of him. He entered the kitchen right on eating time whereas Tuppu can eat anytime and anywhere. He is always so hungry that I gape at his eating capabilities with amusement. If food is left uncovered then there is a warning by Tuppu not to eat it anymore whereas Puttu behaved with decorum and never desired for anything that did not belong him. Puttu not only detested food but also people. Though he had politically made a stable home for himself on his day of arrival he had never made any attempt to get along (like a politician, who doesn’t even see our face after election, after his work is done, after he is no longer insecure). He sat or slept at least 3 feet away from people. He needed us to serve him food from time to time (food meant only hotel made fried fish) after which he behaved as though he never met us. Whereas Tuppu has become friendly, social and he makes his presence felt wherever we are. He pulls our leg, bites it, plays with us, sleeps with us, and eats when we eat, whatever we eat and poses for the camera, icing on the cake. We always wanted to touch, cuddle Puttu but he never allowed us and Tuppu always wants to be touched and cuddled and honestly, we all love it. Let it be wagging his tail like a tiger or swirling around his tail to catch it, we just like the slightest glimpse of him. 

                        But the best part is Puttu’s enemy cat is Tuppu’s best friend. We detested that fat ugly dark orange coloured cat but now he is welcomed home anytime as a friend. We always taught Tuppu to take revenge with the enemies of Puttu (he was extremely weak in fighting his enemies) but looks like Tuppu believes in harmony. Looks like Tuppu is also the smart one; when he is in danger he immediately runs inside the house where people are there and hides, whereas the dumbstruck Puttu ran out in the open finally getting bitten by other cats and dogs. We tried to condition him to run inside the house in danger not outside but sadly, till his last days he never mastered the art of self-defense. 

Plastic rack is my new home!!!
Well, flower pot is my new home!!!

                          But at the end of the day definitely there is one similarity between Puttu and Tuppu, they love us. Puttu might not be with us today but his memories still bring a smile on our face. The way how he showed off, gave us royal looks and most importantly, his time sense. Sharp at 1pm he would come home from wherever for lunch and bite to wake my dad (only dad, maybe he never thought I was capable of feeding him) up to serve him. Tuppu, still the tiny but not timid and terror stricken, gives us a jolly ride with his jumping skills, two leg doggy walk and sharp eye contact winking (if he was a man I would have fallen in love with him just by the way he winks at me). After a tiring day, after a fighting day, after a I-am-not-in-a-good-mood day or even after why-bad-things-happen-to-me day, when I look at Tuppu (previously Puttu) my heart fills with unspoken joy that my eye lashes flutter to control tears of happiness. May be that’s why we call them ‘PET’ as they caress our soul with unspeakable, unconditional, unrealistic kind of love which we, being the most intelligent of species are never capable of.